Lisa's views on the priority issues for the Lakeway Community

Below are my "starting points" for many issues.
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I am against high-density developments in the Heart of Lakeway. Lakeway’s City Center should be developed as our residents intended and according to our Comprehensive Plan, as a low-density, single family residential community. I am against offering any special variances to developers and I will not approve any PUD’s. I encourage the other candidates for City Council to make a “specific commitment” that they, too, will not approve any medium- or high-density variances for the land behind H.E.B. and pledge that they will not approve any PUD’s. Keep Lakeway Beautiful and Put Residents’ Needs First!
While we work with the DOT and County and State authorities to address the ever growing issues of traffic on 620 & 71 in our community, we must also take actions that will reduce risk for our citizens, like lowering the speed limit, adding more officers ticketing for speed, and creating Public Awareness Campaigns (billboards) along the 620/71 corridor of all the casualties over the past 12 months. -There's also an issue with cut through construction traffic on Flintrock, Serene Hills and Lakeway Boulevard which is degrading our roads and creating a very real safety issue. We need to keep this traffic on 620/71 and I am working with local residents to document and restrict this cut-through traffic from our city streets. Finally, we need to make it easier to connect Lohman's Crossing to the Oaks of Lakeway. Any future development that takes place in the Heart of Lakeway must address this and provide the needed and promised infrastructure that benefits our citizens first. 

I have made supporting our local businesses one of my most important platform issues. We need to set our existing businesses up to succeed before we create more commercial developments. Issue #1 for small businesses is a broader pool of employees. There are Help Wanted signs on the windows of every business sector in Lakeway. Some local retail chains have a bus service for employees from Austin. We should work with our Chamber of Commerce and piggyback these existing partnerships to help our local businesses access a greater pool of employees.
We could save approximately $35,000 a year, and up to $150,000 over the next 5 years, by moving our May municipal elections to November. This is allowed by charter amendment, and the State is also considering this measure now. Over the past 3 years, we've spent approximately $105,000 we didn't need to spend just by holding elections in May. Let's move it to November and put that money back in our taxpayers pockets!


We need to continue to manage the approximately $5 million that is sitting in our bank account, thanks to the Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT tax).

April 8th, 2019 the Lakeway City Council approved $20,000 from its Hotel Occupancy Tax fund to go to the Lakeway Resort and Spa. City documents state the funding will cover 50% of a Google pay-per-click advertising campaign to attract visitors to Lakeway for summer vacation. 
The challenge continues to be how to use this money, which has restrictions in how it can be spent. We need more community input and creative brainstorming sessions on the topic of HOT tax.

Lakeway's schools and community are an idyllic place to have a young family.  But we must also engage older children, by creating more activities, & making our green spaces more interactive. We need to help keep older kids on the right path, making good choices. They just want comfortable places to hang out, enjoy the park, but not have to be around younger kids and adults.

I will be setting up a task force of teens to listen to their ideas and perspectives on how we can improve our parks and other city amenities.  The re-creation of the beach at city park, will be a great start - teenagers do not want playscapes, they need spaces for themselves.

We may need to look at introducing a YMCA concept or community center to Lakeway, and find other creative ways to engage our youth with more than our great local sporting activities.  Boredom is not a good friend for our teens - and we have to keep them on the right path, especially with so many choices for substance abuse available in our community.
I want our parks to support the healthy lifestyles of our communities. I like the idea of no cost pop-up sports courts, as well as the sandy beach that is returning to Lakeway City Park. We need to create spaces in our parks to keep our teens active and engaged and on the right path while also making sure we look after our older residents with quality facilities. I believe our Dog Park needs to be tripled in size to provide equal sized parks for both Small Dogs and Large Dogs.
I fully support the temporary suspension of TTP, pending complete and accurate data on the Lakeway Deer population, and I am hopeful we can all find common ground on this important issue. I support the humane treatment of animals and I applaud the work of local residents like Rita Cross for her hard work and determination that has shed light on this issue.

My name is Lisa Butler and I would like to be your next city councilwoman.
I ask for your vote May 4th!
Talk to me about our community, I'm listening...