Hi, I'm Lisa Butler, a daughter of two proud Texans, and a resident of Lakeway, this place we call paradise, since 2004. My family is from San Marcos and Houston originally. My father was in the US Army, so I've seen a lot of Texas and other states, but Texas was always going to pull my husband and I back home

I manage a successful real estate business, and as a realtor, helping someone buy a home means understanding their needs in the community whether it's for retirement or for schooling - I understand neighborhood nuances of every community in Lakeway 


I've always  believed professional success goes hand in hand with giving back.  I've been performing all kinds of community service for over 40 years including most recently the holiday food drive for Keller Williams Lakeway office and mentoring kids in the technology program at Lake Travis ISD. One of my mentees is now grown up and runs his own real estate business. We talk weekly. I take my responsibility as a mentor very seriously and am empowered by the experience.


I love this community of Lakeway and I feel am a good fit for Lakeway City Council at this time. We have our first woman mayor and new council members who are working professionals with families and an understanding of the broader demographic in Lakeway. Our young people and our seniors are equally important and I believe in our ability to meet the needs of ALL Lakeway citizens.


The City of Lakeway Candidate Packet states:

"City councilmembers are the city's legislator's, and their primary role is policymaking."..."As policymakers, it is the council's responsibility to IDENTIFY THE NEEDS OF THE CITIZENS and to formulate a plan to MEET THOSE NEEDS."


As your Lakeway city councilwoman I, Lisa B., will:

LISTEN to the citizens of Lakeway.
IDENTIFYthe needs of the citizens of Lakeway.
SCHOOL myself on the concerns of the Lakeway community.
ADVOCATE for the citizens of Lakeway, your voice, my vote.

Be transparent and communicate to citizens.

The issues we face as a community are similar to the needs of most growing cities.  Caring for our city, which is what I feel our city government should be doing, does not happen only in the council chambers, it happens out in the community providing support and resources to the people who elect us in to office. This is what I will do as your councilwoman. I will be out in the community, like I am now, volunteering and getting to know Lakeway citizens, new and old, tweens to teenagers.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to meeting many of you during this campaign. I believe in the community of Lakeway 
and I believe, together, we can make Lakeway better for all. 

We are all in this together, join me on this journey
.Lisa Butler



A Fresh Perspective for Lakeway